The Importance of a Complete & Accurate Machine Documentation Package




自定义装配, 处理, 和 test equipment is utilized by many companies, 大小都有, to manufacture the products they sell to their customers. The most complex machinery 和 systems are generally designed, 建, 和 programmed by an entire team of engineers, 技术人员, 和 skilled tradespeople 和 it can take them thous和s of man-hours over many years to accomplish their goals.

In addition to producing the factory equipment itself, the project team also documents the entire process of invention by creating 3D CAD models, assembly 和 detail drawings, 软件, Bills Of Material (BOM) parts lists 和 other required 工程规范. This complete documentation package accurately defines the equipment that was produced 和 is an extremely valuable aid to the facilities 和 maintenance personnel who will keep the machine running efficiently on the factory floor. It is also crucial information if the machine requires duplication, 升级, or revisions in the future due to component obsolescence, product design changes or a modification of the manufacturing requirements.

不幸的是, a complete 和 accurate documentation package is often far down the list of the design team’s priorities as they work to meet tight delivery schedules 和 engineering challenges at the end of a project. As last-minute changes are made during the equipment debug 和 acceptance testing process, they are not incorporated into the final “as shipped” documentation package. If the time 和 funding is never allocated, to allow the team to document the changes 和 complete the package, it can be very costly to reverse engineer or relearn this information in the future after it has been lost or forgotten. 差距, 不准确, 和 missing detail will inevitably lead to equipment downtime, 取消了部分, 和低效的操作. 

作为一个制造商 工艺设备定制的机器 for many of the world’s largest OEMs, Keller Technology can assist companies with the task of duplicating, 改善, or modifying their existing machinery. 作为这个过程的一部分, we can assess the completeness 和 accuracy of your existing documentation package 和 take the time to make it right.

Accurate documentation should not be a luxury it is a necessity. 开始的 contacting the Keller Technology team 今天.


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